Theater Kidz

Ages 5-7 yrs.

This fun-filled course encourages the budding performers in our families to explore classic scenes and entertaining songs through scene work to which they can relate. Students learn to interact with one another; learning about stage safety, presence, and characterization, as well as participating in fun, interactive theater activities! In the final week of the class, students perform a single group piece from a musical.

No Prerequisites.

12 weeks of 60 min. classes


Musical TheaterMusical Theater

Ages 8-14 yrs.

In this course, students explore multiple techniques to develop essential skills for musical theater. Students learn about characterization, vocal projection, movement, and how to portray a show to the audience. Students will learn through scene work and exploration of Broadway Musicals. This course will culminate in a mini showcase of musical numbers performed in the last class for peer review and feedback; friends and family are invited to the showcase.

No Prerequisites. 

Offered Fall, Winter & Spring

12 weeks of 90 min. classes 


NEW! Intermediate Theater Acting Class

Ages 10-17 yrs.

During this 12 week program, students will develop acting techniques emphasizing strong character work, improvisation, and physical movement.  The emphasis will be on making strong storytelling choices and communicating those choices to an audience.  Students will practice developing monologues, learn to work with a partner in a scene, and workshop any outside production questions.  Monologues will be presented mid-course.  A presentation of open scenes at the end will best showcase the amazing choices made by each actor during the course.

12 weeks of 60 min. classes


Mainstage Productions

Mainstage Productions culminate in a weekend of full-scale performances on our stage.

Please visit this link to learn more about our Mainstage Productions!


Beyond The Stage

Backstage Tech & Costumes

There is a whole world behind the scenes of our productions from sets, lights and sound, to costumes and makeup. We will explore these areas and give every theater lover a chance to see what it takes to put on a show beyond what the audience sees. Students will learn each area as well as develop a sense of leadership and self-confidence. This class will provide technical support for the Main Stage shows and is great for students who love theater but do not want to be on stage. Schedule will mirror main stage rehearsals.

Prerequisite: Brief interview with Technical Director (no backstage experience needed)

Offered Fall and Spring

 6 weeks of 90 min. classes & shows


Theater Audition Workshop I

For the budding performer, this audition preparatory class will focus on both musical and theatrical aspects of the audition process. Students will learn the fundamental elements of musical theater audition and prepare their own monologue delivery and beginning vocal training. The student will learn what is expected in an audition, how to prepare, and what is required to stand out from the crowd.


Theater Audition Workshop II

Building upon skills established in Theater Audition I (or with prior approval by the teacher), students will continue their study of musical theater audition techniques, advanced monologue preparation and vocal instruction. Students will learn to improve their audition delivery and expand their repertoire. This class will culminate in a final showcase where each student will perform their audition.

Schedule can be found on our website or by calling the office.

6 weeks of 2hr. classes

One-on-one sessions available. Call the office for more information. 


Other Opportunities

Harmonia is always exploring extra-curricular festivals for outside exposure for our students. Our surrounding area is rich with many diverse cultural experiences and we like to give Harmonia students the opportunity to showcase their talent and promote our school and educational programs by entering the artistic scene in the area. Be sure to let us know if you would like to be involved in these exciting opportunities!

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