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Harmonia School offers private lessons in all instruments and voice for students 3 1/2 to adult. Our faculty specializes in areas such as early childhood education, jazz, classical studies, and contemporary styles. Harmonia School is a good fit for students of all interests and ability levels.

Private lessons provide students individual instruction with one of Harmonia’s talented faculty members. Lessons are designed around the unique needs, desires, and goals of each student, regardless of their age or experience level. For new students, we arrange a trial lesson to match you with the right teacher who can best meet your musical needs.


Students may begin studying private or group piano lessons at Harmonia as young as age 3 1/2. Harmonia’s piano teachers are highly qualified to instruct students of all levels, from beginners to advanced.


Students may begin studying violin as young as age 3 1⁄2. Instruction is offered in a traditional private and group lessons, or Suzuki program.

Viola & Cello

Recommended age for beginning studies in viola and cello is 5 years old. Traditional private and group lessons, or Suzuki program.


The recommended age for beginning guitar lessons is 7 years old, because guitar playing requires a fair amount of pressure on the fingertips. A smaller guitar and nylon strings are best for an enthusiastic younger guitar student.

Woodwinds & Brass

(Trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone) Woodwind and brass lessons can be started at the ages of 8 or 9. This restriction is due to the size of the instrument, as well as the need for more mature lung capacity.


Most teachers recommend starting formal voice lessons after a child’s voice changes
in puberty. However, children can start as young as age 6 with general singing lessons. These lessons do not involve formal vocal technique, and will instead focus on the basics of breathing, musicianship, and singing on pitch.

Performance Opportunities

Private lesson students can participate in a variety of performance opportunities at Harmonia, including:

  • Formal Recitals
  • Harmonia Competitions
  • Performance Classes
  • Juries
  • Chamber Music Opportunities

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