Harmonia Highlights: Theater Classes

Play – /plā/ verb: engage in activity for enjoyment & recreation.

This very word signifies something that is all done universally by children everywhere. To add to that, to “play” also means to have fun & entertain oneself, to engage in recreational activity.

It’s no wonder that the word “plays” is also used to refer to theatrical productions. It’s hard work, but it is also a great form of play for children. If you have a child that has a lot of imagination, creative spirit, & also loves to play-pretend, then you may want to consider introducing him or her to theater classes.

At Harmonia School, we offer Theater Classes for different age groups, with some of our most popular being Theater Kidz (ages 5-7) & Musical Theater (ages 8-14). Classes for the older & more seasoned performers have options such as Intermediate & Advanced Acting (ages 10-17), & lastly, Mainstage Production, where students get to experience the complete process of bringing a musical to life from the script to the stage.

All of our Theater Classes bring out the performer in each student by providing opportunities for everyone to get involved; from the shyest to the most outgoing, our instructors make sure that the entire class is participating as a team & learning everything together.

We know that our students love to put on a show for their biggest fans (Moms & Dads), & the opportunity comes up at the conclusion of each course. For the parents, this is the most exciting part because they actually get to watch their children on stage, performing in their class’ mini-production / showcase!

There are no limits to a child’s imagination & creativity, & our Theater Classes are designed with that in mind, even going as far as to broaden their horizons with what they can accomplish on the stage. Who knows, your own child might just surprise you!


When you’re ready, simply go to the “Enroll Now” page to register & get involved. We promise, you will enjoy seeing your “superstar” delivering their lines or performing their roles while in the spotlight!