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You’ve heard the stories, seen the photos, watched the videos; children as young as 3 or 4 years old, playing the piano, making melodies, their fingers swiftly flying across the black & white keys with incredible precision & timing. They’re playing the piano effortlessly & making it look so seamless—yet we all know that mastering that large musical instrument is no easy feat.

What if someone told you that learning how to play the piano benefits your child in more ways than just musically? Because it does!

Piano Lessons

  • Help Children in School – Kids who play the piano have been known to score significantly higher marks in school (particularly in math), plus, piano practice also boosts your memory by an amazing amount (particularly verbal memory), & has also been shown to increase spatial-temporal ability (i.e. math, science, & engineering).
  • Calms The Mind – Time spent at the keyboard improves mental health because those who play music experiences less anxiety & it also provides opportunities to bolster self-esteem. Playing the piano also serves as a widely used form of therapy for Attention Deficit Disorder!
  • Helps Children To Concentrate – Everything that is involved in learning to play the piano takes a great deal of focus, starting with reading a piece of music, interpreting a note & a rhythm, & then translating it into hand movements on the keyboard. This improves a child’s ability to think critically & creatively.


That’s just a little drop on the surface when it comes to the benefits of having your child learn to play the piano. In short, not only will your little one perfect their “Do-Re-Mis”, they will also better their “A-B-C’s”!


It’s highly recommended that children start learning at a very young age, & here at Harmonia School, we offer piano group classes that serve as a great introduction for both child & parents into the world of music. With classes such as Music in Me (ages 3-4), then continuing onto Harmony Road I (ages 4 ½ – 6), & onwards to Young Musician I & II (ages 6-7), there are piano courses for everyone!


For the parents that want to be involved in their music lessons, look no further than our Music in Me & Harmony Road I group classes. Being that these are classes for our youngest students, parent involvement is mandatory, which means that Mom or Dad get to sit on the piano benches next to their little one!


Are you ready to start making music? If so, come join us here at Harmonia & let’s get started!