Fall Semester: Back-To-Harmonia Tips

It’s almost THAT time of the year And by “THAT”, we mean the month of September! The Fall Semester starts after Labor Day next week, so if you’ve already registered for your lessons, we will see you back starting on the 4th!


Starting Dates for the semester:

Sept. 4: Individual Lessons & Musical Theater Classes Begin.

Sept. 11: First Day of Group Classes (Piano, Violin, Cello, Voice).


Note: If you haven’t registered for your lessons & classes yet, please click here to view our Registration Guide & the Enrollment Form.



Even if you’re already prepped & ready to go for your first day of lessons, here’s a few tips & recommendations that could help out along the way:


  • When in doubt, ask for help – If you have any questions about what you need to bring, or if you just want to double-check that you have the correct date / day & time jotted down on your schedule, ALWAYS know who to call for that information. In this case, that would be the Office at Harmonia; parents & students can email or call us anytime during our office hours.
  • Nervous? Worried? Try to calm those nerves! – If your child seems nervous or anxious about their first day back, ask them what they are worried about & remind them that it’s completely normal to feel uneasy about your first day. If you need to quell the anxiety, walk them through Harmonia, take them to see the classrooms, walk them into their first lesson. We want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible, so if a little extra effort is needed, then by all means go for it (and let us know if there’s any way that we can help!).
  • Touch-Base With The Teacher / Instructor – Make sure to touch base with your child’s new and / or returning teacher at the beginning or end of the day so they know how much you want to be present, engaged, & supportive of your child’s experience. If you have any concerns, or if there’s anything you want to make the teacher aware of, now is the best time.


That’s it for our Back-To-Harmonia tips! We can’t wait to welcome our students back for the 2018-2019 school year!