Private Lesson Tuition

 Per LessonPer MonthlyPer Year
30 min.$51$189$1890
45 min.$76.50$283$2830
60 min.$97$359$3589

Lesson With A Friend (Per Student)

 Per LessonPer MonthlyPer Year
45 min.$45$166.50$1665
60 min$60$222$2220

Group Classes


 Per 17 Week SessionMaterial Fee
Music in Me & More Music in Me (30 min)$340$35
Harmony Road I, II, & III (45 min)$493$35
Young Musician I & II (45 min)$493$35
Per 12 Week SessionMaterial Fee
Toddler Tunes (30 min)$240$35

Suzuki String Program

 Per MonthlyPer Year
30 min.$225$2250
45 min.$319$3190
60 min.$406$4060

Little Fiddlers

 Per 17 Week Session
45 min.$493

Voice Class

 Per 17 Week Session
55 min.$493

Guitar Class

 Per 17 Week Session
Young Beginners (55 min)$493
Adult Beginners (55 min)$493


Main Stage Production

 Production Fee
Fall Production$650
Winter Play$480
Spring Production$650

Theater Classes

 Per 12 Week SessionPer 17 Week Session
Theater Kidz (60 min)$360
Musical Theater Rising Stars (90 min)$680
Theater Sampler (60 min)$360
Intermediate Acting (60 min)$360
Advanced Acting (90 min)$480
  • Annual registration fee: $40 for new students and $20 for returning students with a maximum of 2 registration fees per family. Registration fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and not eligible for credit on your account. Family discounts do not apply to the registration fee.
  • Group Lesson Payment Plans: Tuition can be paid in full or in two equal payments.
    No refunds will be issued after classes begin. The student will be responsible for the remainder of the tuition for the session.
  • Private Lesson Payment Plans: Tuition can be paid in full, in two payments or ten monthly installment payments. Deposit plus the first installment and applicable fees are due upon registration.
  • Installment payments: Private lesson tuition is based on 37 lessons per school year with an available 10 installment payment option. Each installment payment is due on the first day of each month. If the first day of the month is a Harmonia School holiday, then the payment is due before the school closing days. After the seventh day of the month, the late fee will apply.
    • 10 payment one-time fee: $50
    • 2 payment one-time fee: $20
  • Installment payments must be secured by a credit card.
  • Withdrawal fee: 
    • Group lessons—student will be responsible for the remainder of the tuition for the session.
    • Private Lessons—one month (4 weeks) notice and prior to withdrawal
    • $50 – Immediate withdrawal due to moving, long-term injury or illness only.
  • Late fee: $40 if installment payment is over 7 days past due. The amount of the installment, plus the late fee will be automatically charged to the credit card on file.
  • Return check fee: $40 per returned check
  • Materials, performance & supply fees are due at registration (non-refundable, non transferable).
  • Interview and trial class fee: One lesson or one class fee
  • Discounts
    • Registration fee waived on early registration.
    • When a student is enrolled in a class or a private lesson, additional group classes are available at a discounted rate.
    • When multiple family members are enrolled, one member must pay full tuition to receive 5% discount for the additional family member.
    • Family and multiple-class discounts do not apply to private lessons.
    • Multiple discounts are not permitted.
    •  In order to receive any discounts students must complete the session / semester.