• Group Classes: No refunds will be issued after classes begin. The student will be responsible for the remainder of the tuition for the session.
  • Private Classes: Request must be made in writing to the office one month (4 weeks) prior to the last class the student will attend.
  • Withdrawal request must be submitted at the beginning of the month or at the time of payment. No partial refund will be issued resulting from mid-month withdrawal
  • Unofficial withdrawal and no-shows will be held responsible for any and all tuition charged for the classes or the lessons.


  • Harmonia may cancel any class with insufficient registration and will provide a refund in full.
  • When private lessons are canceled by the instructors, the office will notify students immediately and the make-up lessons will be arranged by the instructors.
  • Students must notify the office of an absence at least 24 hours in advance.
  • One make-up lesson per semester for private lessons is permitted. One make-up class is permitted for all group classes (by attending other scheduled group classes). Make-up classes are permitted only when the school is notified of the absence at least 24 hours in advance. All make-up classes must be completed within the semester.
  • All make-up classes and lessons must be arranged with instructors.
  • When classes are canceled due to inclement weather or other circumstances beyond Harmonia’s control, they will be rescheduled.
  • Summer session: No make-up, no refund. May register for a minimum of 4 lessons.
  • Instructor replacement: Harmonia reserves the right to replace a teacher(s) without causing any discontinuity in student’s study.


  • Harmonia School does not follow any county school closing.
  • Harmonia is open for Monday holidays and Fairfax County teacher’s workdays. Please check Harmonia’s calendar.
  • For school closing due to inclement weather, late openings and early closing, please call or check your email for an announcement.


  • For the safety of all children, parents are advised to escort their children to the class rather than dropping them off at the school’s entrance.
  • Please be prompt. All classes and lessons will start, and end, on time.


  • Harmonia reserves the right to use photos and videos taken in classes and at school events for promotional materials.


  • A parent or guardian must be present for children’s classes with parent involvement.
  • Parents and guardians are welcome to attend private lessons, especially for younger and beginner students.
  • All rooms have an observation window, through which parents may observe classes without distracting students.