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John V. from Fairfax, VA says:

“We love Harmonia! Our daughter has been taking Harmonia’s drama class & voice lessons for over 2 years, and the instructors are fantastic! Our daughter has a lot of fun, and we’ve also seen great development in her singing & acting. We highly recommend Harmonia!” (9/2016)

Abby S. from Vienna, VA says:

“We love Harmonia. Our daughter has performed in 4 shows in the last year in addition to taking private singing lessons with Ms. Sonia. It’s a warm, caring environment for children interested in singing and performing!” (12/19/16)

Kate J. from Vienna, VA says:

“Harmonia has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. There is a caring, supportive group of people associated with Harmonia.” (2/8/16)

D. W. from Vienna, VA says:

“Harmonia is hands down the best theater and music school in the area. My daughter has been taking theater classes and voice lessons, as well as summer camp programs, for over 3.5 years – and has loved every minute of it. Harmonia’s faculty is truly fantastic and have always provided by daughter with a nurturing, comfortable environment in which to express herself. As a result, I’ve seen significant growth in my daughter’s theater skills and and vocal abilities. She’s also learned important social and life skills such as self-confidence, responsibility, discipline, public speaking and teamwork – and she’s learned all this while making friends and having fun!” (11/17/15)

Becky M. from Vienna, VA says:

“Our daughter has been attending Harmonia since she was 5 and she’s almost 11. She loves it. The private voice and piano lesson has been tailored to her stronger interest in voice and the teachers she’s had there have been fantastic – a good balance of challenging and nurturing. In her first recitals she hid behind the music stand and after 5 years of coaching, we were proud parents as she sang the National Anthem in front of a crowd of 900 at age 10 without a flicker of anxiety. She’s most enjoyed the musical theater productions directed by Sonia Yon – especially as she’s grown older and has been able to participate in the main stage productions which are more intense than the shows they do with younger kids. I highly recommend this music school if your child is serious about theater.” (9/14/15)

Violeta T. from Vienna, VA says:

“This is how much my son loves Harmonia School of Music and Art. He could not wait and here is what happened the night before, after I put him to bed:

Diego: Mommy, wake up, is it time for me to get ready for Harmonia Summer Camp? Me: Diego, it is like 1:00am, please go back to sleep.

(3:17am) Diego: Mommy, wake up, it is time now? Me: Diego, please, go to sleep.

(6:12am) Diego: Mommy I think the alarm went off and I see light outside. Me: Diego, it is not time, please go back to sleep.

(6:46 a.m) The alarm went off and I turned it off and fell asleep. I woke up at 7:55am. Me: Diego, wake up, it is late. Diego: Oh no, didn’t I wake up up early? Now I am going to be late for my first day. I do not want to miss my class!

Got to love my Diego!” (8/2/15)

Yuna W. from Fairfax, VA says:

“My kids have been coming to Harmonia for different activities for six years. We’ve had piano, violin, cello, and flute lessons. The teachers have been highly skilled musicians AND amazing and wonderful with my kids. They have been great recognizing and working with individual differences and paces of development. The music program, especially participation in the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exams, is very rigorous and I have been very impressed with the level of musicality my kids were exposed to from early on. (I play three instruments myself). We also tried art lessons, and I wish I had had lessons like that growing up.” (11/22/14)

Louise M. from Vienna, VA says:

“I just wanted to share my experience with Harmonia, because it’s been very different from the other reviews here. My daughter has taken classes here for many years, and I truly feel that it’s created special (and wonderful) memories for her childhood. For one thing, it’s really increased her self esteem to feel like she can participate in a community show from start to finish and be on stage, overcome nerves, be part of an ensemble, etc. …She has had amazing teachers, highly qualified and with a great work ethic and also talented and kind and fun. She has made friends here and enjoys re-connecting with them when she goes back in the fall.  And as for the owner, my experience has been that she’s flexible… She allowed us to switch classes when we made a request after signing up for one and then changing our mind… Plus, I have to say that when they put on a show, they all really care.  It’s not just a job or a business. They want to put on a quality production and they are all there beyond regular business hours, working on the sets, etc. in addition the the fact that on the show nights, the owner has family members there helping and everyone is taking on whatever role necessary to make the evening a memorable success!”(9/27/2012)

Marie R. from Fairfax, VA says:

“I have taken piano lessons at Harmonia for the past year. I have always found the faculty AND owner to be really sweet and accommodate me. It’s great to have a school like this in Northern Virginia, and is really one of a kind. I would recommend Harmonia to everyone, adults and children both.” (8/24/2012)

Michael P. from Staunton, VA says:

“I have had nothing but great experiences with Harmonia School.  My wife took violin lessons there and we were impressed with the instructor’s flexibility and professionalism in teaching all ages and levels. I absolutely recommend Harmonia to anyone interested in music lessons.” (8/24/2012)

Jeanine T. from Vienna, VA says:

“My family has been taking acting classes at Harmonia for the past four years.  I have three children and we have been enrolled in summer camps as well as the longer productions during the school year.  The teachers are patient and work hard to help each individual child succeed. Harmonia is a wonderful place for children to experiment with acting as well as to develop their skills. I highly recommend it!” (4/18/2012)

Eva N. from Oakton, VA says:

“Harmonia School – at its new location at 240-F Mill St., NE in Vienna – offers a quality, serious music education to the community – with serious success. The school has highly qualified teachers who nurture young talent very effectively. The school holds regular recitals and in-house competitions. Harmonia’s musical theatre and creative arts camp is a hit among kids and parents. The performance of a musical play is always amazing at the end of a two-week session.” (5/10/2011)

Jasmine M. from Fairfax, VA says:

“Harmonia is a great place for music lessons.  They have good teachers and regular opportunities for performance.  In addition, they are flexible and will add classes if there is a demand.” (10/20/2010)

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